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Hungry Jock Orgy

All of the Dallas Reeves jocks are sitting by the pool getting some sun, but sun isn’t the only thing on Erick Clark’s and Kip Johnson’s minds. Eric and Kip are making out and also getting every one else’s attention. Yuri soon joins in the action with Kip and Eric, while Johnny Forza, Milo Fisher, and Jack King start their own party. As the guys all swap BJs, their cocks are rock hard and their mouths are wet. Yuri is really enjoying servicing Eric and Kip – this tall stud loves having two dicks to play with. Jack, meanwhile is sucking Milo while getting head from Johnny. Things start to heat up as Eric moves over to enjoy Milo’s cock, though. Eric is definitely the most sensual guy at this party, slurping cock like a hungry sex addict! Kip and Yuri take care of the other two, leaving all three on their knees giving the best poolside blowjobs of the season. Jack, Milo, and Johnny stand up to give the cocksuckers a better angle, and their abs glisten in the sun. All six guys look so amazing, and they feel amazing as well. Jack looks like he is enjoying his cock getting sucked the most, and soon he starts face-fucking Kip. The orgy gets tighter as the guys close in – Eric continues to suck Milo’s cock and begins fingering Kip and eating his ass. The guys get closet to exploding their wads of cum, and Milo and Eric prepare by getting down in front of the others. Kip cums first, followed by Jack – all over Milo. Eric is greedily licking Johnny’s balls – he wants some load, too. Eric opens wide as he receives two loads into his mouth. After Yuri cums, Eric licks his uncut cock clean. Everyone is satisfied but burning up in the sun, so they all jump in the pool to cool off. This is one hot orgy!

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