Patrick Rubs One Out

Patrick is sitting in a big leather chair in his jeans and a white T-shirt. He begins rubbing his crotch through the denim, and slowly inches his hand down his pants. Lifting his shirt slightly to reveal a sexy treasure trail, he continues grabbing his crotch as he rubs his chest. Thoroughly worked up with self-pleasure, James stands up – out pops a rock hard cock from his jeans! He tosses off his T-shirt and removes his pants to sit down again. Leaning back in the chair, his abs pop out perfectly as he strokes his beautiful uncut cock. Lifting one foot up to the chair, he lightly brushes his fingers against his hole as he grabs his balls. He experiments with shoving his index finger up his ass as he strokes, which seems to make him pre-cum a little. Continuously wanking, he alternates between fingering and rubbing his balls. Soon he gets up on his knees, and we get a much better view of his butt! He has a nice tuft of hair in between his bubble cheeks, and he parts those hairs to get his fingers in much deeper. As he goes in even deeper, he lets out some audible moans and his breathing gets heavier. Thoroughly worked up, he turns back around as he gets close. The pace of his jerking begins very fast, as he gets to the brink. His foreskin gliding rapidly up and down against his cock-head gets him to the point of orgasm. When James cums, he shoots a massive spurt all over his sexy chest first, with several more spurts to follow. He continues his heavy breathing as the glob of man juice begins to drip toward his navel. Hot jerk off!

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