My hairdresser is horny

Nicolas goes to his hairdresser 20 year old Paul,for a shampooing. The scalp massage is obviously conducive to relaxation and fantasy and Nicolas is delighted. The twink expects only one thing: that Paul notices his ardent glance and his allusions.
Paul resists for a long time before succumbing to the charm of his cute client and the boys start to kiss tenderly before Nicolas takes Paul’s cock and sucks him deeply. After a good blowjob, it’s time to get down to business and Nicolas starts to finger himself showing his tight ass to Paul who is already very excited. The both twinks will have a passionate heated sex session on the hairdresser chair and cum powerfully.

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Butt-probing and meat-munching twink threesome fun

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Blache and Coby – Bareback Arrest

Check out this new Traphouseboys scene, featuring Blache and Coby. A Cop getting bareback on the traphouse. When I first saw this clip, I immediately thought of snake charmers. The way this stud delicately touching and edging his dick shows a level of control I do not know if I’ll ever possess. Watch this enormous cock getting slide on the Cop ass while getting his bareback of a lifetime. I mean if you ignore the stopping for the camera shot and strictly focus on the fucking the top is fucking amazing. Nice ass, nice bareback fuck.

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Teenage Bareback Compilation 1

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John and Michael

Check out Captain Cock & Spider Sperm as they do the sucking and awesome bareback fucking while wearing this awesome uniforms of our favorite superheroes.

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very chatty and nice

My secretary brought me a lovely cutie as a first thing in the morning. He was very chatty and nice. Maybe his haircut was a bit wild to my taste but why not. He used to work in finance so he was more than capable to do the math when I told him about the job and made my usual offer. I thought he will agree but he wanted some time to think it through and left. The next guy wore a huddle. A huddle to a job interview! No wonder you’re unemployed. With the last guy I hit the jackpot. This god-like beautiful boy traveled across the whole country to this interview. I still can’t understand why doesn’t work as a model or something. After having a nice chat I told him about the job and the fee. And about the “other” option. Will you guess what got filled with cum?

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Hugh Hunter and Vinnie Stefano

Hugh Hunter enjoys a fat cock down his throat but so does Vinnie Stefano. When Hugh and Vinnie meet it’s a chemical reaction deep down in the balls that will make you pant as much as it did them. And trust us, these two were running hot from the moment they met! Tattooed bearded bottom Hugh takes on quite a challenge when bareback top Vinnie pops past that first sphincter, then slams home past the second and goes to town, pounding his whore until they each pop a steamy hot load!

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Gloryhole Black Cock Suck and Fuck

Here is a guy who can’t get enough cock in his mouth and cum down his throat, so he spends a lot of time at sleazy gloryholes sucking on strangers’ dicks. He is so into it he decided to set up a gloryhole in his home and invite men over to get their cocks serviced. Guys that take him up on the offer must agree to let him record the oral session and share the video with anyone who likes watching amateurs get their dick sucked. In this episode, a chocolate cock wants throat and ass, and gets both.

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Skater Punk Cain

Hot skater punk Cain fires up his smokes and works on his bone! This hot little bad boy is a 2 pack a day heavy smoker who loves a good smoke and stroke!

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Fresh Undies

Favorite UndieTwink model Kelly Cooper! Watch him work through a pile of undies, trying them on until he finds the perfect pair to jack off his huge uncut cock into!

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Crazy sex marathon with adventurous twinks

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Ballet Down the Highway Opening Scene

Starring: Henk Van Dijn, Garry Hunt, Jeff SullivannnBallet Down the Highway is a fabulous classic gay porn movie Directed by Hand In Hand Films founder Jack Deveau. This film delivers a compelling story, raunchy gay porn action, along with wonderful ballet footage. This is a fascinating vintage gay porn movie — the realism makes the gay sex so much more interesting; it’s like you’re watching real people having sex and not stiff mechanical sex. The attention to detail, like Van Dijn wearing headphones while watching the orgy unfold are the little things that help make this film extraordinary. A ballet dancer’s, Henk Van Dijk, life is disrupted by an affair with a truck driver, Garry Hunt, in this ambitious film shot in Manhattan. Henk showers with a ballet classmate, Jeff Sullivan, before coupling with him in the bedroom. Heavy petting is followed by mutual oral sex and Henk getting his muscled butt cheeks fucked both doggie and missionary style.

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